There is no short-cut for social media success

There is no short-cut, growth-hack or fast-track to lasting social media marketing success. I am so tired of all those „experts“ promising an overnight success. They sell you an illusion. A dream. But that’s all. Time to wake up!

The moment of truth usually comes within the first days when you realize that the 500 new fans or followers are everything but interested in what your company does.

They are as fake as the experts that sold you those “tips”.

Forget it. Bury the thought of fast success!

Instead focus on building a community of real people, real fans. Become and stay relevant by creating value. Share content that truly matters. Be honest and consistent. Establish trust by keeping your promises. Always.

Time is not your enemy. It’s the the lack of patience and the willingness to go the extra mile that holds your companies growth back.

The community moment

The moment you realize that social media is more a trust than a direct sales channel, is the moment you will start building a community instead of an audience.

Stop counting the Likes

Successful social media marketing should never be about the amount of likes you get.

Most of the likes will never be more than just a number.

But the very few that believe in your vision, share your values, trust you and ultimately become loyal customers are the ones that will grow your business.

Stop chasing the easy likes.

Start establishing a loyal community of real fans.

In six months from now on…

In six months from now you will say to your boss, colleague, employee or friend:

A) Look at the competition! I‘ve always told you we should have started doing Facebook-Live for higher engagement, using Instagram-Stories for behind-the-scenes content, getting active on LinkedIn before the ad wave hits, establishing groups for further interaction, talking to more micro-influencers for future collaborations, setting up messenger bots for connecting better with our community, investing more as organic reach continues to decline, keeping an eye on Augmented Reality or at least trying to post on a more regular basis.

B) Look at the competition! I’ve always told you…good we started!

Good news: It’s your choice.

Accept the 95%

Ignore perfection. Striving for the perfect idea, the perfect image, the perfect wording is holding you back. It keeps you waiting. Waiting for a better idea. But is there a better idea?

What’s perfect for you, isn’t perfect for someone else.

Embrace imperfection. Accept the 95% and execute!

Show me your success!

Successful digital marketing also involves celebrating and showcasing success.

But most companies I’ve talked with are either to shy or feel uncomfortable talking about their success stories.

Especially in germany it sadly seems to be a common thing, often considered as being arrogant or showing off.

But the only goal you should have in mind is establishing trust. Trust in your company. Trust in your ability to keep your promises.

We live in a world where 88 % of consumers trust an online review as much as they trust a personal recommendation.

Therefor it’s not only important to motivate you customers to spread the word about your company but also get active yourself showcasing your customers success stories.

It’s what make me trust you. And the more I trust you, the easier I turn into a paying customer.

Be bold, not arrogant. Stay honest, don’t overplay. Show me data, facts and figures. Show real success, don’t show off.

Show me the success your customers have using your product!

Show me the success I will have if I would become your customer!

Press pause!

You are just about to finally start but then…

Blockade. You hit the wall. You lost the idea. The motivation is gone. You are feeling uncomfortable. It’s new. It’s different. It’s maybe even a bit weird. Two minutes ago I was the marketing genius and now…nothing.

And what then? You quit? That’s it?

Or you just stop. Press pause?

A big difference!

The true beauty of social media, the beauty of the digital ecosystem, the beauty of marketing as we experience and practice it today is the ability to press pause. To stop.

Try to stop a TV ad. Right now. Try to stop a print ad. Right now. You can’t stop. You need to quit. The old marketing world makes you quit. The new marketing world allows you to stop.

Try to stop a Facebook ad. It’s a matter of a few clicks. A few seconds. You can stop, take the time you’ll need to make things even better and then hit the “Continue” button again. It changes everything! It gives you the opportunity to not only learn faster what works and what doesn’t, but more importantly you can influence the outcome right in the moment of action.

Press pause. Stop. Think. Optimize. Think again. Refine. Continue. Win.

No need to quit.

It’s all about the whole story

Great storytelling is not just about telling the story of your success. It’s about telling the whole story – from scratch. Let your customers become a part of that story. They are the ones that make your story a special one.