There is no short-cut for social media success

There is no short-cut, growth-hack or fast-track to lasting social media marketing success. I am so tired of all those „experts“ promising an overnight success. They sell you an illusion. A dream. But that’s all. Time to wake up!

The moment of truth usually comes within the first days when you realize that the 500 new fans or followers are everything but interested in what your company does.

They are as fake as the experts that sold you those “tips”.

Forget it. Bury the thought of fast success!

Instead focus on building a community of real people, real fans. Become and stay relevant by creating value. Share content that truly matters. Be honest and consistent. Establish trust by keeping your promises. Always.

Time is not your enemy. It’s the the lack of patience and the willingness to go the extra mile that holds your companies growth back.

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