Show me your success!

Successful digital marketing also involves celebrating and showcasing success.

But most companies I’ve talked with are either to shy or feel uncomfortable talking about their success stories.

Especially in germany it sadly seems to be a common thing, often considered as being arrogant or showing off.

But the only goal you should have in mind is establishing trust. Trust in your company. Trust in your ability to keep your promises.

We live in a world where 88 % of consumers trust an online review as much as they trust a personal recommendation.

Therefor it’s not only important to motivate you customers to spread the word about your company but also get active yourself showcasing your customers success stories.

It’s what make me trust you. And the more I trust you, the easier I turn into a paying customer.

Be bold, not arrogant. Stay honest, don’t overplay. Show me data, facts and figures. Show real success, don’t show off.

Show me the success your customers have using your product!

Show me the success I will have if I would become your customer!

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